Mulching And Garden Installation Mohali Pb

Are you in need of garden installation services for your property? Do you need mulching services to protect your garden from pests and weeds? We are the premier mulching and garden installation Mohali Pb Company that can provide quality work. Garden installation presents a great milestone in the life of every homeowner.
Gardens are a big reflection of who we are and what personalities we have. We understand this and therefore aim to provide nothing but the best for you. We have a team of professional landscapers and designers that will meet every need of your project from designing through to installation and even maintenance.

We start out by creating a well thought out design for your space. Whether you want a multi-tiered garden or a vegetable garden with raised beds we will deliver. Maybe you are interested in a tropical oasis or a formal garden? Our team of professionals will bring your dreams to life.


Perennial Landscaping Mohali Pb

We have so many designs for you to choose from, we can custom make a design for you or of you can think it we can create it. If there are any structures that need to be built like retaining walls they are the built as the design envisions. After designing the project then we get to soil preparation. We do not just till through your land without any prior considerations.

We have adopted the beat soil preparation methods in the industry that do not harm the soil structure. Our methods also encourage water retention in the soil and maintaining the soil structure as it is.

After the soil has been prepared well, it is time to plant. We help our clients choose plants with colors and textures that add pomp to their gardens. The plants we choose for you will add life to your home and soften the hard lines of your home or existing hardscape. We help our clients to figure out a garden that has life throughout the year.

Landscape Design

We can help in designing installing a garden that has wildlife in it like ducks, birds and fish amongst others. We use quality planting materials that are disease resistant and developed to survive in our region. The plants are strategically planted on the garden to bring out the aesthetic value of the garden and any desired effects.

After that we add a nice even layer of mulch on your garden to keep away pests and weeds and maintain a neat garden. We prefer using organic mulch that will also enrich your garden soil. We are the go to company when it comes to mulching and garden installation Mohali pb. We have been in business for long and have many satisfied customers under our belt.

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